Hi sugar bears! I hope everyone is doing fabulous and staying healthy! For this post I decided it’s about dang time I introduce you to my little family. That tall, handsome babe next to me is my boyfriend of 9 years, Matthew. And that fluffy little white and brown monster is my sweet boy, George. (He is a little camera shy, clearly!)

Matthew and I met in middle school and eventually we started dating freshman year of high school. Little secret, I was obsessed with him pretty much that whole time and I definitely still am … hehe. Just like all couples, the two of us have been through good times, bad times, sad times and everything in between. We have grown up together and just about all of my memories have Matthew in them. Spilling my heart a little, I can’t imagine a life where I don’t have him in it. He is my best friend and I thank God everyday for him.

George-man became a part of the family years later when I finally convinced Matthew we had to have him. I was still living at home and my step dad at the time did not want a dog, at all! Unfortunely for him I didn’t listen and I got one anyways, oopsie poopsie! I had no clue how to tell my step dad about George and I was terrified so we hid George in my room for a few days until I got the courage to inform the family on our newest house mate. I couldn’t do a face to face confession so I wrote a note explaining my choices, tied it to George and he waddled off to deliver the message. His sweet self has been stealing the show ever since!



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