My Starbucks Order

Okay, I know this is a random post but I am an iced coffee snob and after an obscene amount of failed Starbucks orders and countless dollars spent on iced coffee combos that are just not THE drink, I finally have the perfect iced coffee. Just a heads up, this order is personalized for a low carb lifestyle so if you are a sugar junkie I make no promises! Although, even when I wasn’t eating low carb this was still my go-to drink because it is just that dang good!

My Order

Grande Iced Coffee

With Heavy Cream

*I ask for an an extra splash of heavy cream because at first, my order always tasted different depending on who made it, and ever since I have started asking for an extra splash it is always perfect & delicious!*

Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

No Classic Syrup

In a Venti Cup With Extra Ice

*This step is super important if you are an ice freak like me. I don’t know why having extra ice makes it taste better, but it does and if you don’t like ice … I have questions, lol.*

Mmkay, so now that you have the breakdown of the yummiest iced coffee in the world, you have no other choice but to go to Starbucks right now and get one. You can thank me later! xoxo


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