All About My Eyelash Extensions!

Hi y’all! This is going to be a long one but let me tell you, it is important information, mmkay? Lets talk about my one of my TOP beauty essentials … eyelash extensions!! I have been getting eyelash extensions for about a year now and I am ADDICTED! For me personally I wish I would have started getting them a long time ago, so let me break down the main reasons why I am so freakin’ obsessed! For starters, I have super small eyes and I was always really self conscious when I didn’t have falsies on, which was a lot of the time because who wants to put those dang things on…. NO ONE! Honestly, that alone was a good reason for me to start getting extensions but another bonus of having lash extensions is that I love love love how fast it is for me to get glammed up now. I don’t know what the heck took me so long before, I guess putting on my falsies, but now that I have extensions my routine is cut in half and I am not exaggerating. I love focusing mainly on skin in my routine anyways so not having to put much effort into my eye makeup is too amazing and I think I might be permanently hooked! Plus, who doesn’t want to wake up looking like a million bucks? I wouldn’t say I wake up looking like a million, but definitely better than before, lol.

Okay, so now that we have talked about why lash extensions are awesome, lets get down to the important stuff. Choosing an experienced lash artist that knows what they are doing is so so so important and I cannot stress that enough. You have someone working around your eyeball and attaching extensions to your very delicate lashes so please do your research before choosing a lash artist. You want to look for someone that is licensed and certified in doing lashes and someone that focuses on your lash health as their number one priority. When choosing a lash artist, as much as we all want to save money, you do get what you pay for. If lash extensions don’t fit into your budget, I understand that 100%, but please don’t choose someone cheap and unexperienced. It is worth going with someone you trust that may be a bit more expensive, because in the long run you will appreciate your decision!

Now you have found a lash artist, what’s next? You get to choose what style lash extensions you are wanting! Experienced lash artists normally offer three different style of extensions. Those being classic, hybrid and volume. Classic is going to be your most natural option, where one individual lash extension is attached to your natural lash. Volume is a fan or cluster of multiple lash extensions that is attached to your natural lash and hybrid is a mix of both! Your lash artist may take a look at your lashes and recommend the style that is best for you, but if you are a candidate for all three options, it just depends on the style you are wanting to rock day to day.

Last thing I want to discuss is lash maintenance. Lash extensions aren’t cheap and you are going to want them to stay full and fluffy as long as possible. Most people go every couple of weeks to get their lashes filled in but everyone is a little different. Regardless, lash retention is super important and you are going to want to take care of those babies. One important step in maintaining lash extensions are lash baths or cleansing your lashes! For me personally, I use a foaming micellar water from Garnier and a clean eyeshadow brush to clean mine, and I do that about every other day. Your lash artist should recommend what products will work best with the type of extensions and glue used on your set and if not, ASK! Another important step in lash maintenance is combing your lashes. All you need is a clean, disposable mascara wand. Comb through them morning and evening because you don’t want your lash extensions getting twisted and pulling on your natural lashes. Another tip that I think is super important, and I know this from experience, is sleeping on your back! I am a side sleeper to the core and I never thought I could sleep any other way… but your lash extensions will thank you for sleeping on your back oppose to side. My retention has improved drastically since I made the switch. I also recommend getting a sleeping mask designed for lash extensions because it helps to further protect your lashes while you sleep!

Okay, shewww that was a lot! If you are still reading, you’re a champ. I know it seems like a lot but I wanted you to have all the information you needed if you decided lash extensions were something you wanted to try. Once again, please do your research and find a lash artist that is experienced and trustworthy. Let me also mention, every lash extension artist uses different brands and glue so some of my recommendations may not work with your lashes. Make sure you ask any questions you have before leaving your appointment.

If you live in the Lexington, KY area and are interested in getting lash extensions I highly recommend Ashley at Elan Beauty! Her Instagram name is @lash.and.blush and she offers classic, hybrid and volume lash sets, as well as bottom lash extensions. If you are not in the Lexington area, start by asking around for recommendations from friends and family and use social media to find lash artists in the area.

I hope this post was helpful and answered a bunch of questions you might have had about lash extensions. Take your time finding someone you trust and ask your lash artist about any concerns you have, that’s what they are there for, I promise they appreciate you asking as much as you appreciate them answering. Wow, okay … now that I have completed a full on novel, I will wrap this up and let you go on with your life! xoxo


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